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Founded by the City of London Police


Founded by the City of London Police in 2017, Cyber Griffin is an initiative that supports businesses and individuals in the Square Mile to protect themselves from cyber crime.


Tailored to assist you


We are an independent, vendor agnostic service, with direct access to Police and Action Fraud databases. Our intelligence-led services are continually updated to reflect the most relevant and prevalent threats to your business.

Whether you are a small medium enterprise, or a large corporation, we have a range of services tailored to assist you.


Free of charge


All of our services are provided free of charge and designed to be accessible to everyone, whether they have very little knowledge of cyber crime, or are individuals who hold IT security and risk management roles.

baseline brief

Baseline Briefings

People can be both our greatest cyber security risk and our greatest asset. Our Baseline Briefings are designed to raise your staff’s baseline level of knowledge by providing basic, effective advice to those with little or no knowledge of cyber security. During the brief, police officers will share intelligence trends and teach you how to keep yourself and your company safe from a cyber attack.

table top exercises

Table Top Exercise

Every cyber security programme needs leadership buy-in to be successful. Our unique table top exercise provides an opportunity for people to take the role of the CISO in a safe, fun, interactive environment and is the ideal way to highlight how cyber security decisions can impact your business.

incident response

Incident Response Training

The way in which you respond to a cyber attack will have a significant impact on your ability to operate. Learn how the police command structure and decision making process works during critical incidents, in order to review and improve your response to a substantial cyber-attack.

cyber capability assessment

Cyber Capability Assessment

Intelligence-based investments ensure that your cyber security is cost-effective and efficient. We provide a full assessment of your current cyber security maturity level and highlight any identified vulnerabilities. We also produce multiple, comprehensive and actionable reports, tailored for board members through to practitioners performing any remediation.


Our Team


Our award winning team brings over 60 years of policing experience gained in crisis management, critical incident response, training, education, digital forensics, major crime and cyber crime investigation. All of our team hold relevant cyber security accreditations, including CISM, ISO and MSc qualifications and each member has their own area of expertise.

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